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Bipolar Transurethral Resection  of the Prostate (bTURP)

  • Is considered the gold standard surgical treatment for bladder out flow obstruction, and its symptoms, secondary to prostatic enlargement.

  • Average flow rate improvement 162%. 

  • Minimally invasive. An endoscope is passed down the urethra. The occlusive prostatic tissue is resected and washed out, to create an open channel from the bladder. 

  • Its uses innovative electrocautery for plasma resection and vaporisation of the prostate, with less blood loss than conventional TURP, and less risk of fluid absorption complications. 

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What to expect 

  • GA or spinal anaesthesia

  • Perioperative iv antibiotics

  • Post-operative urethral catheter for 24-48hrs. Majority of patients are home the next day catheter free. 

  • Visible haematuria and irritative urinary symptoms may persist for 4 weeks.


Bleeding requiring transfusion 1%

Sepsis 3%

Urinary incontinence <1%

Retrograde ejaculation 80%

Re-operation rate Cumulative 2%/yr

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