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PerCutaneous Nephro-Lithotomy

  • Is reserved for the treatment of large or inaccessible renal stones, and is recommended in international guidelines as first line treatment for all stones over 20mm in size.

  • It involves guided access to the collecting system of the kidney through the loin, and endoscopic removal of the kidney stone, with or without fragmentation.

  • Although it is the most invasive method of treating stones it does carry the best chance of rendering a patient truly stone free through one procedure.

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What to Expect

  • General anaesthetic.

  • Pre and post-operative iv antibiotics.

  • Post-operatively you will have a drain tube called a nephrostomy from the kidney, and a urinary catheter.

  • A CT scan will be performed Day 1 post-operatively.

  • If stone free, the nephrostomy will be clamped off and removed.

  • Discharge post-operative Day 1/2.



Bleeding requiring transfusion 3%

Sepsis 4%

2nd procedure to achieve true stone clearance 20%

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