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Retrograde intra-renal surgery

  • Is endoscopic surgery of the upper urinary tract. For diagnosis or treatment of kidney stones, tumours or obstruction.

  • With improvements in scope size, flexibility and digital imaging this has rapidly become the most common method of managing kidney stones.

  • An endoscope is passed through the ureter to the collecting system of the kidney.

  • Stones can be destroyed with a laser or pneumatic probe. Fragments can be removed with endoscopic baskets. 

Stone laser.jpg

What to expect

  • General anaesthetic

  • Usually day-case



- UTI.

- Self-limiting irritative urinary symptoms, loin pain, blood in the urine.

- Stent.

- Ureteric injury.

- Failed access, 8%- requiring pre-stenting.

Please see advice under 'Ureteric Stenting'

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